Piemonte Bonarda DOC

bonardaAn agreeable, lively and young red wine typical of Cisterna d’Asti. The “Bonarda wine” was already present in the cellars of the town’s castle in the nineteenth century. It is therefore no coincidence that the Bonarda became a cultural matter for Cisterna, with interesting applications in the kitchen as well (bonarda chutney).

The sandy soil, rich in minerals, of these hills allows us to produce an unmistakable Bonarda.


Grape variety: Bonarda

Geographical Location: In the municipalities of Cisterna d’Asti and Canale (CN).

Vineyard characteristics: Well exposed hilly vineyards of average age. The soil is dry, sandy and rich in minerals. The vines are trained with the Guyot system.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand, crushed and destalking immediately upon their arrival in the wine cellar. The fermentation of the must is in contact with the skins; drawing off and control of the malolactic fermentation.

Maturation and aging: The new wine is racked several times and stored in tanks for 6-7 months, then the slightly lively wine is bottled in 1.5 litre and 75 cl bottle for sale.

Organoleptic characteristics: A somewhat saturated ruby red colour; intense and agreeable fragrance; full and mellow, slightly lively, agreeable and tannic flavour.

Accompaniments: It accompanies cold appetizers, pasta dishes and red and white meats very well. Very agreeable between meals.

Served at 16 – 18 °C.


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