Piemonte grignolino DOC

grignolinoAgreeable young dry red wine from the Asti area, produced from grapes of the same name. Develops a strong character thanks to the composition of the soil and the particular microclimate of our vineyards.

The name probably comes from the term “gragnola” that in slang means grape pip.


Grape variety: Grignolino

Geographical Location: In the municipalities of Cisterna d’Asti and Canale (CN).

Vineyard characteristics: Hilly vineyards ranging in age. The soil is sandy. The vines are trained with the Guyot system.

Vinification: Pressing and destalking of the manually harvested and perfectly ripe grapes.

Fermentation with maceration on the skins for a few days. Drawing off and immediate control of the malolactic fermentation.

Maturation and aging: The new wine is racked several times and stored in tanks for 3-4 months, then bottled and marketed.

Organoleptic characteristics: Ruby red colour; pleasant and delicate aroma, reminiscent of the meadow flowers; dry, slightly tannic and bitter flavour.

Accompaniments: Very subtle wine, for the entire meal, particularly suitable with appetizers and Piedmont “Fritto Misto” (mixed fried).

Served at 15 – 18 °C.


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