Who we are

The cultivation of grapes in the MO Family has origins dating back more than a century and has continued for generations transmitting the culture of rural labour from father to son.

The MO Brothers, first Serafino and then Antonio and Domenico, began the winemaking process of their own grapes back in the mid-60s for the production of quality Piedmont wines.

The word “quality” is the inspirational motive that draws its essence between the farmer and the land, the vine grower and the historical rhythms of the vineyard. Therefore, to give continuity to the family tradition founded on work in the vineyard, Domenico is today flanked by his children Laura and Davide and his son-in-law Paolo who share the love and passion for their work and for these lands.

The winery, Cantina Vini Mo, seeks to merge modernity, technology and rustic wisdom to offer unique and typical wines of the area of origin.