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Cantina Vini Mo

The winery Cantina Vini MO combines in its wine modernity, technology and rural wisdom.

We offer unique and typical wines of the territory of origin.

The passion of a family that for over one century conveys and takes care of the farmer’s job from father to son.

We take care of our vineyards with devotion and love as if they were our babies, we want to see them growing, becoming strong and beautiful and we are sure they will repay our work and our efforts giving us year after year their best fruits.
We follow with great attention the process of winemaking, with the aim to get excellent products that satisfy the sense of smell and are healthy too: from the care of the vineyards, with the traditional cultivation and the natural technologies without the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers, to the processes of vinification, bottling and finally sale.
We try to unify modernity, technology and wisdom to offer unique and typical wines of our territory.
The company is situated in Cisterna d’Asti, which stands among the beautiful hilly vineyards, with a surface of around 14 hectares between Cisterna d’Asti and Canale with autochtonous different grape varieties.
What we want is to convey our feelings through every bottle and every label: each one has a different history but they are all connected by the same bond that joins us with our job.
For years we have been cultivating the vineyards following the principles of “The Green Experience: Healthy, Good and Beautiful”. 

We joined the project to obtain the certification because we believe in an agriculture which respects the environment and the territory.  
We have now new goals and new horizons before our eyes. 

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